5 things people can learn from dogs.

5 things every person can learn from dogs.

Recently, my family and I had to say goodbye to someone we didn’t expect to say goodbye to so soon. This someone is a someone, not a something because they were a part of our family. He was in our family photos…he was our Christmas message image we would send to our friends every year. He kept us safe and made us laugh.

Coming to terms with this big guy no longer being around got my cognitive mechanisms spinning. Why this, why that, if it wasn’t for this, then that wouldn’t have happened… the normal part of heartache kicking in. Then gears change. A moment hit me when I realised what an incredible soul he actually was. Unconditionally loving, happy, selfless… come to think of it…
Why are people not more like dogs? We definitely should be. Think about it…

1.    Dogs receive a new toy and play with it until its full of their slob, its’ squeak has disappeared and its’ colours are faded. Then they play with it even more. You try and give them a new shiny toy, but they are far more interested in the old one…

  • Dogs put value on what they already have, and what they have always had, not what they don’t or could have. They aren't interested in having the latest item because it's something Fido next door has. They adore what is theirs already.
2.    In the morning, they confuse your new slippers for a meal. Your anger boils and you chase after the poor little guy to scream at him. You have your rant, and he hears you. You can see it in his face. But 60 seconds pass and his eyes are happy again. Already loving you fully again. 
  • Dogs are driven by love and happiness. Unconditional love and happiness. Yes, they make mistakes and it costs you financially sometimes but they will never not love you. And that unconditional love? That love is priceless. Dogs will never not want to feel happiness and love when they are around you, or anyone for that matter.

3.     When you feed them, they dance in unbalanced circles and throw their dribble everywhere. When they sleep, they are upside down with their leg twitching to their toy-chasing dreams, but couldn’t be more cosy or comfortable.
  • Dogs are satisfied with life’s basic needs. They aren’t constantly wanting or wishing for something better. Rather, they are at complete peace with what life has blessed them with. They are completely content with the basics. 

4.    When they are preoccupied with a toy and you try and take it away from them, they will switch to an angry mode that of lifting their lips to reveal their teeth and snarl you. They don't do this to upset or hurt you. They do this to tell you “no human. This is mine. And I am protecting it”
  •  Dogs have an intrinsic nature to protect what’s theirs. Their toys, their space, and their humans around them.. This helps us realize that we need to look after what belongs to us, whether it is a material item, or a person you love, or yourself. Protect it, protect them and protect yourself.  

5.    As a puppy, when they sleep, they dream like it’s nobody’s business, and when they play, they play with every cell in their body. What you have probably noticed is that this does not change as they grow up. At 9 weeks, at 3 months, at 3 years.. their playful soul does not go anywhwere. It is there from day one, until the last one.
  • Dogs never really grow up. Sure, their bodies and looks change as they get older however their playful soul remains unchanged. No stronger. No weaker. If their version of playing is chasing their tail for hours, or throwing a rope around a garden, they will do it. They never forget to play. 
As humans, we are often bombarded with things others have that we want and we up not being satisfied with what we have, even if what we have is a basic human need. We often forget the power of love and happiness and how vital it is to both give and receive it. Even if we aren’t the best communicating our love to and happiness in others, or even understanding what others mean by love and happiness, those 2 emotions are always there. We sometimes forget to express it, and we can even learn it can be interpreted in different ways. One sure way is seeing who and what you love and what makes you happy, is identifying who or what you choose to protect and keep close to your heart. 

Lastly, we forget that in this damn thing called life, there are no rules governing the duty of embracing the basics, loving, being happy, protecting what is ours and playing. Whatever we do, if we are 8, 18, 28, 58… can we agree to be more like a dog. Love unconditionally, find happiness in simplicity, protect what your heart beats for, and lastly, don’t forget to play.

A blog about 5 things people can learn from dogs.
Why are people not more like dogs? 


JHBeats is a 25 year old girl from Johannesburg, South Africa, who has a passion for chasing endorphin's found in healthy and happy living.

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