Vitamins…minerals…fats…get in my belly!
Hang on, tomorrow my cleanse starts… it dawned on me… I went back to a time I did a cleanse a year ago… flashbacks of headaches, cravings, a growling stomach, feeling lethargic and staring longingly at other people’s food rolled back to me. Is this really what I want to do? (gulp). With that little movie I just made in my head, came the rolling credits of when the juice ended. And I smiled with confidence and relief. What happened when it ended, you ask? Let’s go through the 3-day juice cleanse from Bliss Juicery journey together and you can see for yourself…
08:00. GOOD MORNING SANDIEGOOOO!!! As I down my Juice 1 (Almond Milk). This juice is by far my favourite. It’s pretty much the liquid form of vanilla ice-cream being fed to you by unicorns. Amazing.
10:00. Hungry Hanna has made a growling appearance in my stomach. I presented her with Juice 2, Greens 1.  She was quite chilled about it.
13:30. A 2nd orchestra begins its percussions in my belly. As the conductor of this band, I shut it up with Juice 3, Root Boost. Which may I say, is darn delicious. I have a small headache, but this was anticipated. Nothing too bad though.
16:30. Hell. If it isn’t my BFF Hungry Hanna back at her thing. This time, she isn’t growling. I think she’s started a protest and thought “Let’s get as big as possible… maybe this human will feed me”. Yes. The bloat had begun. I drank Juice 4, Tropical 2 to lighten Hanna’s mood. She obliged.
17:00. Just 30 minutes later, the orchestra and Hungry Hannah had joined forces. Crisis. What do I do? I’m only on day 1. I can to do this. I need food. Gosh that brick on the road looks quite yummy. Maybe If I just chew on a stick or something – HANG ON – the ANTIOXIDANT SHOT!
19:30. As I finish off Juice 5, Greens 2. I think, hang on. I’ve done it? Whoop whoop. Day 2.. Day 3… LET’S GO!
DAY 2 & 3
To put these days into a few words: Hungry Hanna stopped shouting at me so much, and the orchestra I think went on a brief sabbatical? Leaving me on my own with a day-dreams of sleeping and solid foods. That was it. No I did not want to punch someone. I did not want to pass out. I was pretty chilled. When I got hungry, I drank my juice like a dehydrated pre-school kid. And carried on my day…
Yip. The Bliss Juicery 3 Day Juice Cleanse Credits are starting to roll and here they are from me to you:
  • You will survive. If Gandhi survived 21 days with no food. You can manage 3 with juices.
  • The juices are absolutely delicious. Whoever told you juicing is ‘tasteless’ and boring, has had their taste buds sandpapered and is probably a fizzy-drink-connoisseur. Shame.
  • You learn the importance of hydration. You need liquids. A lot of them. It is so easy to confuse hunger with hydration, so if you ever want to teach your body the importance and value of liquids throughout your day, do a cleanse.
  • Cravings can be ignored. You don’t have to give into them and sit in a pool of guilt. Seriously, it is very possible to move around them.
  • You will lose 1kg but… after your 1st and 2nd meal it will be back. So don’t think a cleanse is the route to go if losing kg’s is your goal.
  • Your ‘sugar’ taste buds are shocked. If you want to settle your need, sorry let me correct this, your BELIEF of a ‘need for sugar’. Do a cleanse. The juices have an amazing ability to press restart on your taste bud’s demands for sweet things. Post cleanse, when chomping on that sugary-item you’ll think to yourself… hmmm have I really been enjoying this the whole time?
  • Lastly, and again, the juices have an awesome way of making you feel a kind of ‘ready to start afresh’ feeling. You know your body is flushed of icky toxins, and the empty voids they once filled are replaced with nutritious vitamins and minerals your body is constantly begging you for.
Yup. That’s it. The good, the really-not-so-bad and the BLISS of a juice cleanse. Now that I re-read this, I may just do a 1-day juice cleanse or 3-day juice cleanse once a month? Uh… Bliss Juicery… How about a monthly membership?
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JHBeats is a 25 year old girl from Johannesburg, South Africa, who has a passion for chasing endorphin's found in healthy and happy living.

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