You don’t know where you could be.

Bear with me: I recently went for an interview at one of South Africas most internationally recognised corporations. This interview gave me goosebumps. I have been slightly unhappy in my current job for a while. The only person who knew how unhappy I truly was, was my partner. What a 30-minute interview at this company did for me is something I will never forget. It is something I hope other 20 somethings get to experience. When you spend a significant amount of time somewhere being unhappy, a little fire in you that slowly dims to a small flicker, and could potentially fizzle out entirely. This may sound crazy, but this could be something you could do, to get that little internal fire in you burning again. 

Think back to when you finished school stepped out into the 'almost real world'. You went from sheltered school to sheltered university. By sheltered, I mean guided. During your time at these institutions your curriculum, your hours in a day, your routine and your expectations were all set out for you in a delicious platter of rules. When these guided, rule-bound and planned days came to an end, you found yourself quite perplexed. There you are, standing on the edge of a cliff, staring into an abyss of ‘the true real world’. You want to shout out, "Ummm hello…. Anyone out there? Can anybody give me direction to the next place I am supposed to be..? Hellooo…?"

You receive no direction, but you can somehow still feel a nudge from someone behind you, and their name is This is How-it-Should-be. You have finished up school or studying so now what? Work? Ok, Fantastic. Work. Let’s work. Wait… work for who? Work for what? And When...?

In a short time you find yourself becoming a ping-pong ball between sentences from employers like, ‘you need work experience to work here’ and relatives like‘you need to start somewhere to get work experience’. Caught in this scary cycle, you find yourself sprinting through the first door that opens with a ‘yes, we would like to hire you’.

In a short space of blinking, you find yourself getting dressed in the mornings to go to work. For a few months or years, you do the same thing every day. And this is perfectly ok because quite frankly, this is how it goes right? 

What if, for just a moment, a few minutes or even a day, you stepped out of your 'this is how it goes' bubble, just to see what’s out there. You don’t have to quit your job and 'find yourself', or do a 180 to 'test the waters' of a completely different profession. What you need to do is allow yourself a bit of time to actually just see what is out there. 

This piece of writing is not intended to make you question where you are, it is simply intended to help the amazing, talented, hard-working and incredible YOU contemplate where you could be. 

For example, you are in a perfectly comfortable job, but the pay could be better. You love the work you do, but your boss could treat you a bit better. You love the company culture, but you could do with a little more rules/structure. Notice the word, COULD. 

Is there a corporate company, a marketing agency, a high-class restaurant, a new dance studio or a retail space that you’ve always wondered what it must be like to work there? Do yourself - no actually - do your SOUL a favour and venture there. Go there. Get into THAT space you’ve found yourself  both staring at and daydreaming about, even if it's for 30 minutes.

Go for an interview, shadow a director, ask to meet someone who works there. Do whatever it takes. If you choose to go, 2 things could happen. 1: You could either find yourself feeling good that you saw/experienced it, but also notice it’s not entirely what you had hoped it would be. Or 2: You could find yourself wide-eyed and inspired, and notice a little fire in you starting to burn a little brighter than usual. 

It’s a win-win. Because, either way, you learn that where you are is where you should be (even if it’s just for now), or you learn that where you are is not where you actually COULD BE.

That little spark in you and how strongly it burns in you will be your message to yourself saying, "hey, the amazing, talented, hard-working and incredible You....You NOW  know what’s out there." 

Now go.

Blog post: You don’t know where you could be.
You don’t know where you could be.


JHBeats is a 25 year old girl from Johannesburg, South Africa, who has a passion for chasing endorphin's found in healthy and happy living.

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