The destruction of self-criticism.

 The destruction of self-criticism.

How many times have you stood infront of a mirror, staring into an void of flaws? This, this, this, these, those and this… You start devising ways of how you can fix this, this, this, these and those… Whether fixing something can come from a change in effort, lifestyle, or a substantial amount of money being handed over to a surgeon, your desire to change something is still rooted.  The destruction of self-criticism.
At 9 you noticed your teeth resembled a new born shark. At 13 you realised your face was more pubescent than your best friend. At 16, your breasts were not even remotely close to the girl next to you. At 18 you hated how your hair would never sit sleekly – always a few strands doing their own thing in the weather when they felt like it. At 22, your stomach is not as flat as it used to be and then you start the thoughts of “I wish I appreciated it back then” as you stare at your athletics team photos. At 25, your skin is no longer flawless. At 30, your jeans embrace your body bit stronger and tighter than you ever remember but try and convince yourself that you can get back into them if you just stop eating this, and this, and this, these and those…
  The destruction of self-criticism.
What we don’t realise is that this intensely harsh internal conversation that has been going on for years on end, is that it merely exists. The complaints of flaws change, the intensity of hatred changes, and some flaws are forgiven, but then some are re-visited. At any given point, it still merely exists. 

It shouldn’t exist. This savage self-criticism that starts as soon as you look at yourself in the mirror after a morning shower, through to the staring competition with yourself as you brush your teeth before bed.  It needs to stop. Your continuous disgust in this, this, this, these and those… it needs to stop!  The destruction of self-criticism.

I don’t emphasize the need to stop out of ‘save yourself an argument with your boyfriend or sibling about being insecure’. Absolutely not. I emphasise the need for this to stop for the health of your soul. Your happiness. Your freedom to enjoy every single day you have, being you. Owning you.  The destruction of self-criticism.
Two things struck me the other day, I want you to be aware of:
Firstly, if you stood in front of your best friend, would you ever be able to start listing all of his or her faults? Their height, their weight, their unique smile, their abnormally large eyes, stubbornness, disinterest in sport, their inability to do maths like the next person, or their lack of finding a partner… Absolutely not.
When we look at them we see gorgeous long legs, health, a beautiful smile, soulful eyes, determination, interest in photography, their ability to approach anyone, and their aptitude to never settle…
We can so easily appreciate our friends, yet even more easily break down ourselves. Would you ever think of breaking your best friends soul down because of their flaws or faults? Undeniably no. Then why do we do it to ourselves?  The destruction of self-criticism.

Secondly, while you have all the ammunition directed at yourself at any given moment, while you are fighting with yourself for something you dislike, your body is fighting to keep you alive. Your beating heart, pulsating lungs, constantly moving muscles, full or empty stomach, long or short skeleton.. this, this, and this, those and these, are all fighting to keep you alive.  The destruction of self-criticism.

While you read this, please don’t think I am writing this to make you feel bad for experiencing your honest feelings about what you see and feel. Absolutely not. I have been there plenty times, often every day. Picking at this, this, this, these and those. I am just like you. I criticize myself. And it’s ok. But what’s not ok, is when these internal conversations retain the same displeased disposition day after a day, not allowing even the smallest bit of appreciation in the slightly cracked open door. The destruction of self-criticism. 

That door is there. And it is open. Even if ever so slightly, it is still open. I want to encourage the person reading this to find a personal strength to open this door, and allow self-appreciation, self-gratitude and adoration in. As you look at yourself in the mirror. List the things you adore. While your body fights day after day to keep you alive, day after day, even if its just once, tell it ‘thank you.’
 The destruction of self-criticism. 
Your heart, soul and body is not going anywhere my love. What you have, is what you have and what a beautiful gift is it to have something that nobody can replicate? Sure, you can change your body and all of its ‘flaws’ with effort or money, but at the end of the day, let me remind you your body is not going anywhere. You have it for a very long time. Don’t waste that time breaking its foundation down. Spend that time appreciating it. All of it. Yes, even this, this, this, these and those.
The destruction of self-criticism.
The destruction of self-criticism.


JHBeats is a 25 year old girl from Johannesburg, South Africa, who has a passion for chasing endorphin's found in healthy and happy living.

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