What is normal?

A scary thing that not many people take the time to conceptualize, is that the human body has one of the most powerful pieces of machinery on this planet. This piece of equipment has the ability to change everything you know or feel. Matter of fact, this piece of machinery has the ability to change the world. The world itself cannot be physically manipulated, but how you see it and live in it is affected, and that actually can be very close to your physical world being manipulated. 

The brain. The very core of this world’s development, changes, technology shifts, monumental surgeries, illness cures… can all be attributed to the brains of teams of people, or single people themselves. 

Imagine if the brain that can develop a highway bridge connecting two continents, is the same brain that can develop a paralyzing fear of socializing with crowds of people. Imagine if a brain that can rescue another person’s life in an operating theater, is the same brain that can develop an addiction to gambling. A brain that can create the most magnificent digital marketing campaigns, can develop the most self-destructive negative thoughts. A brain that can develop the value of assets and liabilities and play with numbers and formulas and finances, can develop a panic-stricken fear of being abandoned by a loved one. 

Instead of imagining these scenarios. Know them. Come to terms with them because they can absolutely exist. They already do and will continue to.
The stigma of mental divergence from society’s norm is really and truly one of the saddest things in this world. 

“Normal men don’t cry” “Normal women don’t show pain” “Normal Doctors don’t get sick” “Normal girls don’t hate themselves” “Normal boys don’t get addicted” “Normal people don’t hate socialising” “It’s abnormal to not enjoy alcohol” “Normal girls don’t cry for absolute no reason” “Normal moms don’t get tired of their children” “Normal dads don’t not think their child is an academic failure”. “Normal parents don’t love one child more than the other”  “It’s pathetic to be afraid of flying” “It’s abnormal to prefer spending time alone on a Friday night” …
The scary thing is, sentences like these are the reasons why so many people are living with internal aches. The majority of the excruciating pain the above causes is that, actually comes from the fear of not being the norm. The expected. The typical. The common. The accepted.

People learn to keep quiet. To not speak about something that actually needs to be spoken about, desperately. People learn to bottle it in. And this bottle that sits so perfectly full at times, is toxic. It is so toxic, it can make you sick. The longer the bottle sits, the more its contents become poisonous, almost detrimental to your mental and even physical health. 

The distress, guilt and pain that manifests within people out of pure fear of speaking up about something that is condemned ‘not normal’. It is 100% one of the most precarious things.
This article does not have the resources to cure your internal pain. Not at all. This article is simply a small signal to you, to start speaking. Start talking about that cloud, that storm, those butterflies, the pain… that ruminates in your stomach, your heart and your mind. Bring it out into the open. Be selective of who you open up to (that’s another story), but make sure you speak to someone. 

If you are a girl, and find yourself being ‘oddly’ attracted to girls. If you are a boy, and find yourself being ‘oddly’ sensitive about your brothers bullying tactics. If you are a dad, and you find yourself ‘oddly’ panicking at the thought of holding your first born. If you are a young female, and you find yourself ‘oddly’ not interested in drinking until 4am… you need to know 2 things. 

1. You are not odd. You are not abnormal or strange. Believe me, you are perfect. 

2. You need to let that internal struggle out. Open up. To someone. Even if its just one person. 

Your mind is an incredibly powerful thing. Do not let it create the sadness, anxiety, stress and paranoia it is capable of. Acknowledge the emotions you feel. Accept that you feel them. They are normal. Just don’t let yourself believe that they aren’t and are not worth speaking about.  
Let me make sure this sinks in with you. The girl, boy, mom, dad, doctor, engineer, artist, project manager, interior designer, pilot, customer attendant reading this… You are not odd. You are you. 

... Perfect in every difference that defines YOU.

What is normal?
What is normal?


JHBeats is a 25 year old girl from Johannesburg, South Africa, who has a passion for chasing endorphin's found in healthy and happy living.

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  1. what an amazing and thoughtful piece of writing, love the last sentence 'you are not odd you are you'!