6 Things to Re-Think About Introverts

"Don't be silly, you're not an introvert."

This comment popped its head over my back turned shoulder, by a dear family friend at an event recently. She overheard me discussing with another how much I have grown to accept and embrace my predominant traits of an introvert. I think she missed the part where I shared exactly that, how much I accept and embrace it.

"Don't be silly, you're not an introvert." Ummmm... from that one little sentence I dissect 3 things:
- 1 - you are crazy to think you are an introvert.
- 2 - you aren't what you say you are
- 3 - you don't want to be an introvert so why are you calling yourself that.

Ummm... who said having introverted traits was a bad thing?

In my mind, I was yelling 'clearly you don't know me!' but instead, I just stood there with a smile on my face, quiet and a little limp. Typical.

Introversion is defined as a state of being 'inward facing'. Which is not what society has historically established for introverts. The sad and true thing about this topic is that introverts are often souls who are very misunderstood by a lot more people than one would think. As soon as their traits start to show, they get lovely printed transparent labels printed for them to wear. Words like being a loner, quiet, obsessive, weird or intense, anti-social/boring, a day-dreamer... *to name a few* float around these souls like moths near a nightlight.

But I want to tell you something. With each label or word, you cast upon an introvert, you are completely missing the beauty in them. I believe some people need to restructure what they think about introverts. Turn what society has taught them to say around. At first contact, you may want to say the following sentences but bear with me, as I hope to explain what one could maybe turn these assumptions into, by understanding a little bit more.

When someone mentions that someone else is:

1. A Loner
- Yes, at that person may be standing or sitting on their own. But I can tell you one thing - their mind is buzzing with thoughts, ideas, stories, and insights in seconds of each other. They are very content making observations and they are very happy simply listening to what is around them be in people or nature. People often hear things to react or respond, but introverts... introverts hear things to listen. And in today's day and age where emotions are emojis and cries for support are status updates...having someone truly listen to you these days, is rare to come by. <3

2. Quiet or Doesn't Speak
- They might not be the first person to speak up in a meeting but I can promise you that when they do speak up, they speak words of value. Whilst a brainstorming session at work or a story to tell at a party gets many mouths moving, your designated introvert is busy thinking frantically. Pulling together patterns,, ideas and conclusions. Give them a quiet moment to speak when they are ready and you may just be blown away. <3

3. Boring or Anti-Social
- Thing is, humans are by nature social. They seek to connect and be understood by others. Extroverts love connecting with lots of people, introverts love connecting with fewer people. For example, Tom (extrovert) can arrive at a party and float around a room chatting and catching up with 30 people. Tim (introvert) can arrive at the party and find 2 or 3 key people to catch up with one-on-one over the same time. This makes Tom and Tim no more or less social or boring than the other. They are who they are and prefer what they prefer. We need to train ourselves to accept each other. <3

4. Obsessive
- An introvert can read 10 books, paint 1000 paintings, listen to 10 000 songs, run 100km... and get called obsessive. But what if you replaced that word with 'passionate'. Because that is what it is. How beautiful is that someone can find something that sets their soul on fire and be able to ignite a spark like that everytime they do it? If you ever want to witness the magic in someone, ask them to share with you what they are passionate about. <3

5. Weird 
- Just because another person does not behave, speak or think like one person does, does not make them weird. It makes them human, which makes them pretty normal. In fact, it goes even further in that it makes them stand out. In a sea of societal-clones, here sits a little entity that can tell you about his or her collection of vinyl records. 'Weirdness's' or quirks are what makes people stand out and be remembered. And honestly, how special is that? <3

6. A day-dreamer or has their head in the clouds.
- If you confront an introvert with something - a presentation, a problem, a beautiful view - chances are they will go quiet. Please be aware that this is not out of rudeness, arrogance or lack of words, but because they are taking everything in. Every detail, aspect, point, insight.. all of it is being churned through their minds cogs. If you are presenting to a client, or you are putting something together, never overlook the help of the introvert. They have to ability to nitpick at everything until it is perfect. <3

It's ironic that the people who cast all of their energies, passions, words, and thoughts inside themselves are the ones who are cast as the 'outsiders' by others. Since nobody wants to be an outsider when they are young, they assume the traits and practice the behavior of the more 'normal' extroverts - although feeling a bit uncomfortable doing it.

This does not go to say that people are extroverts or introverts exclusively. One can be an extrovert with traits of an introvert. And hey, and an introvert can choose to go 'a little bit Wolf of Wallstreet' every once in a while.

All that needs to happen is that those who aren't familiar with the introvert ways, need to be open to restructuring how introverts are cast as or thought of. And simply accept the differences in them. The same goes for those who are familiar with being introverted, they need to accept the differences in other people, but more importantly, embrace who they are... wild imaginations, head-in-the-clouds and all <3

6 Ways to Re-Think About Introverts
6 Things to Re-Think About Introverts


JHBeats is a 25 year old girl from Johannesburg, South Africa, who has a passion for chasing endorphin's found in healthy and happy living.

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