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Why on earth am I holding back on something I am beyond passionate about, out of the fear, if not the belief, of what another person thinks. Why do we allow others thoughts to influence our thoughts and actions? Let's remove that super sweet sugar coating... continue reading

As one starts questioning their career, their relationship, their debt, their friends, their travels, their career experience, their next step, their next relationship step, their hopes, their dreams - something quite destructive happens... continue reading

Have you ever asked someone a question and felt yourself hurt a little after what follows it. Not the answer they give you. Well, that can, of course, break you. But rather, the gap. The gap between your question and their answer. The gap. The space or length of time between someone’s question and the other persons answer. This might not seem like a big deal to various people, but if you think about it, it has huge significance... continue reading

"Don't be silly, you're not an introvert." This comment popped its head over my back turned shoulder, by a dear family friend at an event recently. She overheard me discussing with another how much I have grown to accept and embrace my predominant traits of an introvert. I think she missed the part where I shared exactly that, how much I accept and embrace it... continue reading

Concerned about her happiness, or lack thereof, I began to ask her questions. Why was she unhappy, what was it that she was looking for, what industry she is in and why did she want to make a jump. Question after question, we chatted and giggled and agreed and shook our heads until I asked her, "What do your parents say?" She replied, "Well I've spoken to them... and I've spoken to a lot of people, and they all say 'just stick it out'."... continue reading

Have you ever sat at a table with a group of friends as they celebrate and sing Happy Birthday to someone you don’t really know? Yup. You’ve experienced it. You just float there with a half-smile on your face kind of singing but not really… You are joining in because everyone else is, but because you do not have something that ties you to this person directly and celebratory event, you sit there silently, a little happy for them, and a little bit awkward... continue reading

Yes, the word is rather aggressive and somewhat gruesome. I mean, the latter part of the phrase is enough to make anyone shudder with fear. But, just as spine-tingling as the thought of the verb part of the phrase, so is the outcome of the sly, silent and sickening behaviour displayed by very often, unsuspecting individuals... continue reading

I used to stare at you with wide eyes when I was 10. In those long formal dresses, you wore to high school dances. I didn’t think it was possible for someone to look that beautiful. But you did. Fast forward the past few years, and here you are, proving everything I knew about looking beautiful in a long formal dress, oh so very wrong.... continue reading

How many times have you stood in front of a mirror, staring into a void of flaws? This, this, this, these, those and this… You start devising ways of how you can fix this, this, this, these and those… Whether fixing something can come from a change in effort, lifestyle, or a substantial amount of money being handed over to a surgeon, your desire to change something is still rooted... continue reading

Imagine if the brain that can develop a highway bridge connecting two continents, is the same brain that can develop a paralyzing fear of socializing with crowds of people. Imagine if a brain that can rescue another person’s life in an operating theatre, is the same brain that can develop an addiction to gambling.... continue reading

With everything these technological advances have given people, it has also taken something away. Manners. If not, simple gratitude... continue reading

When someone tells you a story, do you truly listen? Do you hear what they have to say just to respond? Or do you hear what they have to say, to truly hear them?
There is a difference between listening and hearing. Not the action of it. That’s the same thing. But its what you do with the action is what differs... continue reading

How is it possible, to care about something so much, that you eventually start to despise it, avoid it, and event develop anger towards it? Because the level of effort you put in, compared to the level of reciprocation you receive out, is 100 to 0... continue reading

There is no feeling quite like it. A feeling of your world crumbling around you. You feel your blood drop from your head to your toes and your heart tries so hard to keep it from spilling everywhere so it starts to beat faster. You can see it. Every blood cell, every bit of essence of you, spills onto the floor around you like a tipped paint can... continue reading

Have you noticed how some people are better at receiving certain information and talking about certain things compared to others? Think about it, have you ever brought up the exact same topic with 2 different people, and received very different responses... continue reading

Why is it that way? The way you seek conversations that have substance. The conversation that goes beyond the 3-second ‘hello how are you’. You aren’t after how someone is in that small moment. Rather, you are after how they are and have been doing. How they are keeping, coping, working… how is that person that bothered them at work? Was something done about it? Have they improved? How are they feeling about it... continue reading

A backhanded compliment is an insult that is hidden as a compliment. At face value, it doesn’t sound very nice. Truly, because it actually isn’t. It doesn’t matter how deep you hide an insult within a supposed compliment, people are not stupid. They will pick it up. Just as one person can wrap a bunch of blades in a beautifully wrapped and prettily decorated gift box, so can the person on the receiving end unwrap it... continue reading

When the words leave that person’s mouth, they come at you like a load of knives. They don’t know this, though. They don’t know the damage they doing, over and over again. Word by word, argument by argument… slowly digging deeper into your soul and self-belief, sometimes as far as your self-worth... continue reading


What if, for just a moment, a few minutes or even a day, you stepped out of your 'this is how it goes' bubble, just to see what’s out there. You don’t have to quit your job and 'find yourself', or do a 180 to 'test the waters' of a completely different profession. What you need to do is allow yourself a bit of time to actually just see what is out there... continue reading


A moment hit me when I realised what an incredible soul he actually was. Unconditionally loving, happy, selfless… come to think of it…Why are people not more like dogs? We definitely should be. Think about it… continue reading


You wake up in the morning with the ability to recall every one of your dreams from the previous night. Yes, they may be far-fetched. Odd, even. But you don’t care. Those dreams are yours.
When you were little you had an imaginary friend. This imaginary friend was there for you whenever you needed him. Her. It. If you were happy, sad, angry, hungry, your imaginary friend would be there if you wanted them there or not. They would never get mad at you... Continue reading

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