The Meraki Collection

MERAKI (adj)
This is a word that is used to describe doing something with soul, creativity, or love — when you put “something of yourself” into what you're doing, whatever it may be.

The Meraki collection features written pieces from myself, Jacqui Pougnet, in conjunction with the beautiful photography of Nina Zimolong. In this collection, Nina's photography and writing done by myself will be shared - hopefully, to bring just a little bit of magic to your soul. 

The pieces are below:

In the Spotlight
Spotlights are perplexing things. How they illuminate a single object ever so intensely from some type of angle. If a spotlight sits beneath you, it almost creates a sense of power. From the side, it establishes a sense of beautiful disappearance. Above you, oh my, when a spotlight is above you...

A Woman is Like a Shoe

You see, a woman is a like a sole. That’s her solid base. She can be young and smooth if not completely untouched. She can be older and a bit scarred if not completely worn through. That’s the beauty of her, the beauty of the story her sole can tell you. Despite the immaculate or scuffed base she stands on, she still has the strength to...

It still doesn’t feel real, the day you sauntered out of the door. I sit here, and I wait, for the pain to not hurt anymore....

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